This photograph is a winning work in the photo contest on a camera magazine.

Photo Data
Camera : Konika KD-510Z

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Anonymous Gareth Marlow said...

I'm not surprised it was a winner - it's a beautiful image.

1/5/06, 7:55 PM  
Anonymous EOS Chaos said...

Another stunning image, very creative too. I can see why it won - [Chuks]

1/6/06, 8:14 AM  
Anonymous tobias said...

Another well executed image. Marvelous.

1/10/06, 2:30 AM  
Anonymous Dan :: genestho.ca said...

Wow, this is a totally cool composition. Great idea and quite creative!

1/10/06, 11:34 PM  
Anonymous farah said...

One word,takashi.WOW!!this is superb!and i am loving it! :)

1/12/06, 10:46 PM  

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