Lighthouse #1

Photo Data
Camera : Canon EOS 20D
Lens : EF17-40mm F4L USM

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Anonymous Neil said...

I really like the way the darker areas of the photo form an S shape through the picture. It's a shame the lighthouse doesn't stand out a little better against the sky though.

11/11/05, 11:37 PM  
Blogger Takashi Iwamoto said...

Hello, Mr. Neil.

I appreciate your comment.
I want to make the best use of to taking a picture in the future your point to


11/12/05, 12:01 AM  
Anonymous tuan said...

beautiful shot, looks perfect with the vertical orientation.

11/13/05, 1:13 PM  
Blogger Takashi Iwamoto said...

Hello, Mr. tuan.
Thank you for the comment.
I am glad!
I like this photograph, too.
But, a title wasn't suitable for this photograph.

11/13/05, 9:32 PM  

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